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New features in this May

Friday, 29 Apr, 2022

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On April 25, 2022, ASPO World continues to release a new big update called Update Free to Play. Update Free to Play is not only an attractive opportunity for players to experience the game before making investment decisions, but also acts as a traditional game, helping players have moments of true entertainment.

To ensure ASPO World develops according to the schedule and long-term vision of the project, we constantly update new features, listen to comments from the community to be able to perfect our game products.

This May is expected to be a month of explosions with lots of new features and breaking news exclusive to our community of players. The latest information about to be updated includes:

1️⃣ Release new Spirits

Up to now, the ASPO team has only opened for sale 18/41 heroes in the game. The next heroes, and also the NEW HEROES NO. 42 and 43, will be released for sale right in this May.
Two new heroes No.42 and 43 will be sold on MarketPlace with the respective qualities Common, Rare and Elite.
To thank the investors who have accompanied ASPO World from the beginning of the project to the present time, the ASPO team decided to give some special incentives for old players who bought Hero Box during INO when buying new heroes. Specifically:

👉 For players who purchased champion boxes during the project’s INO:

  • Buy new heroes at 50% off
  • Buy new heroes 24 hours before the time of sale

👉 For normal players (never bought INO Box):

  • Buy new heroes at the listed price on MarketPlace
  • Buy new heroes at the time of sale

2️⃣ Add new effects and features for Lucky Charm

Details will be updated as soon as possible.

3️⃣ Change Roadmap

Roadmap in 2022 will be changed as follows:

4️⃣ Open Balance Arena for Free to Play players

As promised to the gaming community, in order to facilitate Free to Play players to experience the unlimited earn feature on ASPO World, Balance Arena will definitely be launched in the near future.

Details will be updated as soon as possible.

5️⃣ Change the appearance of some in-game heroes

Details will be updated as soon as possible.

6️⃣ Open for sale hero skins

Details will be updated as soon as possible.