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Monday, 11 Oct, 2021

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I. What do you need to know about ASPO World?

Game type: Role-playing, tactical and NFT-based
Graphics: 3D
Mode: Online
Publisher: ASPO Corp
Operating systems: Android, iOS
Launch date: Coming soon
Price: 400 ASO tokens/ account

Rumor has it that there exists in ASPO World these powerful sorcerers possessing the ability to summon and control wandering spirits to kill anyone standing in their way. Each sorcerer is accompanied by their own spirit, who would do whatever it takes to protect their master. In this mysterious world, there comes a point at every 500 years when a grand tournament is hosted to find the greatest sorcerer, who will then become the heir to the most sought-after title: The King of Sorcerers, the only person entitled to the power of controlling the spirits of greatest strength to guard the Earth.

Yet, the latest two tournaments have invited some unwanted disruption from a troublemaker called Asakura Hao. He seems to be after a conspiracy to prevent the next King of Sorcerers from stepping up. Generations of Sorcerers are now weakened with their age and the presiding King is seeing his used-to-be greatest power fading away.

Meanwhile, as the next tournament is on its way to begin, a group of high school students (Manta, Anna, Ryu, Tao Ren, Tao Yun) are pushing themselves hard practicing to be the next generation of sorcerers, preparing themselves for the journey of conquering the greatest title. At the same time, many questions are left unanswered. Who will assume that greatest power? Will this tournament be shattered again by the trouble maker Asakura? What’s gonna be the fate of ASPO World? Everything is there waiting for you to discover in this amazing NFT game, ASPO World.

II. Gameplay ASPO World

  1. Gameplay

Coming to ASPO World, players can select one of three classes: Hunter, Fighter or Marksman or to embark on their journey to become the King Of Sorcerers. With the ability to summon the spirits, players can give them orders to fight the battles, complete your quests and beat the opponents.

Before any fight, players are required to summon every single spirit they have on the battle stage. Both sides then take turns to attack the opposite side. Attack turns are dependent on you and your spirits’ attack speed. Who has the greatest attack speed takes the first turn to attack their opponents, and the next turns go to those with the next highest attack speed in order. Both sides’ only focus is to kill all the spirits of their opponent, and the last spirit takes the victory for that side.

While in the fight, players can select the auto-attack mode and select the skills they want the spirits to use. Players can also manually choose the skills they want at every single turn and hit the target they want by clicking precisely on any spirit of the opponent.

Rewards for victories include: ASO token, experience, gold, spirit stones, souls and other items. All of the items can be sold directly on marketplace.

  1. Classes and skill sets

As said earlier, players are asked to choose one of the three classes: Hunter, Fighter or Marksman. However, by going through battles, gaining experience and upping level, players can unlock something we call “class transition”. From the basic classes, players will have 2 different choices based on their chosen class. Hunter can be either transformed into Sniper or Spy, Fighter can turn into Asura (son of the Devil) or the Massive Fighter, and Marksman can become Rageblade or Asssasin.

Right after the transition, the skill sets will be altered in accordance with your new class and weapon. Each character has their own stats (Strength, Speed, Health and Armor). These stats increase with the level.

After leveling up, in addition to the increased stats, your character can also strengthen the skills themselves. With the skill points received, you can add to any skill you want. Each character class will have 4 combat skills and 2 passive skills to support combat.

  1. Equipment system

The character’s equipment in ASPO World often comes in sets and is linked with each other. When the character wears the required amount of equipment in the same set, it will be possible to activate additional hidden properties of the equipment. Players can strengthen, purge, inlaid stars, … to help increase stats, help the character to be stronger when using them.

  1. Spirit system

ASPO World has for itself a large number of spirits, which are divided into many different quality levels, respectively: Common (Green), Rare (Blue), Elite (Purple), Ascension (Pink) and Legendary. (Yellow). Spirits are also divided into 4 groups based on their properties and abilities, including: Stamina, Strength, Agility and Intelligence.

Players can use Spirit Orb in combination with gold coins + ASO tokens to upgrade the level of the spirits as well as using Soul Stones to help spirits level up when the level cap is reached. After a successful upgrade, your spirit will be able to upgrade any skill. In addition, players can attach badges, increase stars, attach gems or attach Mythology to help the spirits advance their strength.

Another special feature of ASPO World is that you can use 3 spirit cards of the same type and quality to combine into a card of higher quality. For example, 3 spirit cards of Rare quality will be able to combine into one spirit card of Elite quality (with a failure rate)

  1. Game modes

ASPO World has countless different game modes, divided into 3 main groups including:

Campaign: Also known as Story mode. In the campaign mode, players will take turns to challenge opponents who are NPCs. Each NPC will protect a challenging gate in the story chapter. After completing all the stages, players will receive a large reward of ASO tokens corresponding to each chapter.

Quest: Including many different types of challenges such as: Training, Equipment Supplement, Patrol, Campaign,. These activities will be reset every day and can only be entered with a certain number of times. However, the reward when completing the activities will include a lot of resources, equipment, upgrade items, … Try to complete them all, don’t miss them.

Competition: Including 4 main forms: Challenge, Ranked, Duel, Fair Match. However, according to each type of arena, the scoring method, ranking rules and rewards will be different.

III. Sound and graphics

  1. Sound

The melody part of ASPO World has a fast and vibrant rhythm, giving players a feeling of excitement and fascination before the thrilling battles. Accompanied by the background music is a multitude of lines, instructions are voiced standard Japanese, which adds to the fun as well as creates a highlight for the game.
The combat effects are extremely powerful, depending on the skill, the sound and effects will be different, making the matches more dramatic and much more attractive, thereby, leaving a strong impression on the players.

  1. Graphics

It can be said that graphics are the biggest highlight of ASPO World. With bold Japanese manga drawings, and extremely harmonious and bright color coordination, the publisher has been very successful in sketching a beautiful, shimmering, funny Magical world. From the background to the spirits or characters, they all have their own charisma and characteristics. This is the main attraction that the game possesses.
Accompanied by it is also an extremely beautiful battle effect, eye-catching skill effects and countless effects when players interact with features, hopefully making this game receive positive feedbacks form the participants.

IV. Detailed configuration

  1. Android: Android 4.3 and above
  1. iOS: iOS 9.0 and above

ASPO World will definitely bring you extremely interesting and wonderful experiences. New, attractive gameplay and beautiful graphic style will help this game satisfy any gamer. Please download and try the ASPO World game right away to get a clearer and realer feeling. We wish you have great moments with the game while still able to make money.

1. Character Fighter


2. Character Hunter


3. Character Witch