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What is in Update 4.0?

Saturday, 11 Jun, 2022

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🚀 Update 4.0 is expected to be a super Update version with a lot of attractive innovations exclusively for ASPO World players.

New features that will appear on Update 4.0 include:

1️⃣ Desynthesis equipment and weapon to get 100% materials (costs ASPO)

2️⃣ Open new game mode (Guild War) for Guild feature

3️⃣ Update new Boss for Sealed Land

4️⃣ Update Artifact feature (strengthening the Spirit)

5️⃣ Consider changing some in-game currency

6️⃣ Consider increasing bet fees in Balance Arena

7️⃣ Increase activity points and rewards

8️⃣ Add Artifact pieces to the Roulette wheel

Noted: Details about new features will be updated as soon as possible.

👀 What is the most expected feature in Update 4.0?